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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The "Catholic Tube" Our Youtube Interview

My hubby and I got interviewed by The Catholic Tube.. Can't believe we are sharing our testimony of faith to the world, on Youtube. David Gray contacted us last week and asked if we would explain how we ended up Catholic on his internet show..It was a two hour interview and David edited a little bit of it.. But it's still long. Why would we want to share our story.. Well, to help bridge areas where there is misunderstanding.. It took us 35+ years to get where we are today, eating a lot of humble pie along the way and swallowing much pride.. We think the Lord for our amazing journey.. And we encourage everyone, to follow our Lord wherever He leads you.. and grow wherever He plants you to grow.. We are all just one breathe away from eternity.. Funny, I did find a few mistakes we made.. We were nervous.. But, the mistakes will not matter.. Time frames and saying my Aunt Penny was Presbyterian.. I did get it right in the end.. She was Episcopalian..

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