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Thursday, November 8, 2012

NOVEMBER 7, 2012

My heart aches for my country and I accept it, but I will never agree with this road our government is taking us. We have become like a frog in a pan of water… the heat is on, but we do not notice it because it is simmering. In time it will be boiling and because we do not care to address our freedoms… we are losing them. We are becoming; “One Nation Under Government!” Government has become our God! We as a nation were founded as "One Nation under God."  How we all use to take that motto for granted.. How it was just the norm growing up in the good ole' USA.
Today's news gave me the sense as if I am living “The Sound of Music.” When I was a little girl I loved watching the movie “The Sound of Music.” The music, the children and the love story that unfolded before my eyes were so beautiful to watch. The children finally had a mom to take care of them and she was so much fun!

As a newly married adult many years ago, my husband would always say when we watched the movie.. “You know my dad always said the "Sound of Music" was one his favorite movies and that it had a “great message” in it.” We would always wonder what that message could be. Was it the love story? Was it the fact that the children finally got a mother? What kind of message touched his heart? My father inlaw was not a "Love Story" kind of guy and it puzzeled us why a man like him...would love the "Sound of Music" such a girly movie. My husband was forced to go see the musical  movie as a child.. and to be honest he did not like all the music and mushiness of it all. A 50's baby who was born into a world that had no clue of the freedoms in which his father fought for or past generations. My husband loves the "Sound of Music' today and wishes he could share that with his dad... His dad passed away in 2003 and "boy" have we changed as a Nation since then. I am sure if he was alive... he would say "Dad! What a great movie and "yes" the message brings tears to my eyes!"
We finally understood what the “message” was about 4 years ago while watching it Sunday afternoon on Easter. My father-in-law was a retired Lt Col and participated in WWII, and saw 1st hand what the Nazi’s had done to many European Countries. He saw and witnessed in his lifetime the death of millions of innocent people who were from many faith walks (mostly Jews) and Nationalities, the destruction cause by one man. If you did not agree with the dictatorship of Hitler who was forcing government control on every aspect of one’s life you were sent to work camps or death camps. If you agreed, you became part of Hitler’s army and the government he was creating.  

The first part of the movie the oldest daughter (I am sixteen... going on seventeen) Liesl Von Trapp was in love with Rolfe. What a beautiful scene to see two young people in love…. It warms your heart! When I was a little girl I dreamed of the day that a young man would sing to me..just like Rolfe.. LOL 

The father Captain Georg Von Trapp was an Austrian Navy Captain and the end of the movie Nazism was taking over Austria, his beloved country. He was being forced to obey this new government control or be imprisoned. They wanted him to become a Nazi.  Not just anyone…his fellow Austrian’s who joined Hitler to change the world.

The family was invited to perform at a local talent show. At first the Captain did not want them to participate... but soon came up with a plan to help them escape from authorities in using the talent show. Captain gets up and sings; "Edelweiss" It is named after the edelweiss, a white flower found high in the Alps. Captain Georg Ludwig von Trapp holds back his tears during this beautiful solo near the end of Act II as a defiant statement of Austrian patriotism in the face of the pressure put upon him to join the navy of Nazi Germany. In the watchful audience the Captain perform “edelweiss”, were his fellow towns people and friends… who now sit watching the performance are wearing Nazi uniforms. His beloved country was no longer the country he loved… it had changed. When I watched this scene 4 years ago… I got it! That’s the message that touched my father in-law. A man who I knew that could not have been caught up in a “Love Story” as I had. But, a man that got caught up in a different kind of “Love Story” a story of love of country, a story of one being forced to leave his country because he lost his freedoms. He knew 1st hand the freedoms this family would lose if they did not escape. History was coming alive in my soul.  And four years ago I could see that my country was going down the same road. I cried for my country.

Then when the family all escaped  one by one from the talent show... They were cornered in the graveyard by the soldiers and there is Rolfe, Liesl "first love" dressed in the Nazi uniform. Liesl was over joyed when she saw it was him… “Rolfe! Help us!” Rolfe paused for a minute as their eyes met and you thought….. Wow! here comes her Knight to save the family…he loves her! Rolfe; “Hail Hitler… I have found them!”   I cried again for my country.

This morning when I heard the news.. It brought back the memory of the “message” my father in-law understood in the “Sound of Music.” I would have never dreamed during my lifetime that I would also understand the reality of the “Message” in “The Sound of Music.” And I cried for my country. Lord have Mercy on us All! AMEN
P.S. Why do I accept this... because my true faith and hope is in my Lord. Yes, this is my earthly country...but my true home will last for eternity and I keep my eyes on it. This is my HOPE and CHANGE!