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Monday, July 27, 2015


I went this past weekend to the Little Rock Diocese; Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Conference with some friends and my daughter Sister Jeanine. We were taught something about TEARS....So beautiful and our hearts cried tears all weekend, as our Lord was working in areas of each one of us... areas of healing.
And as I sit quietly at home this morning, and so tired of lack of sleep from this weekends events, my mind keeps replaying in my mind and my heart what I learned about TEARS, and my tears keep flowing from my heart with a new understanding..  And I ask myself, when will they stop? And do I want them to stop?

A humble, and very sincere priest taught me something I never knew about tears this past weekend and the traditions of OLD, especially in the regions of Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Arabic countries, including the Holy Lands. This humble priest shared this revelation about TEARS, and the understanding of tears and a practice concerning tears that goes back to the ancients and a practice that still goes on in the Jewish faith and the Eastern Churches.
"Tears are a language of the heart.

Tears are deeply human and speak from the very core of the human spirit.
Tears express human emotion and feelings that are unique to humanity. Animals do not cry, nor do they weep. Human beings do. TEARS are a common language for all HUMANITY." Fr McAlear

This new revelation, but also ancient about tears was brought to life in my spirit, deep deep into the most delicate core of my heart this past weekend by Fr. Richard McAlear.
Fr McAlear has an amazing gift from above, which comes from God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. This gift of healing from above, which Fr. did not seek or ask for, was given to him 39 years ago during a prayer meeting.. He has traveled the world for 39 years, bringing "Jesus" to the sick and the broken hearted and our Lord's miracles are touching lives through-out the world by using a very humble priest, called by God to tell the world about Jesus, and the truth, that He is alive and He is still healing the sick and the broken hearted. Miracles from above have never ceased...Jesus is still working miracles ... He is alive!! These miracles are bringing the world to Jesus and they are having a personal encounter with the risen Savior. He is ALIVE.

"It is from the spirit that tears flow and to the spirit that they speak." FR Richard McAlear, OMI

....tears are deeply human
.....tears speak from the very core of the human spirit
.....tears are fundamentally a spiritual reality

Tears mark all the important moments of life.
Tears can tell the story of each ones life.
Tears can originate in emotions of fear, anxiety, sorrow, loss, desolation, despair and betrayal. They can just as well come from love, overwhelming happiness, and the experience of beauty and joy.
Tears come from the soul and flow from some deep inner place in the spirit.. They flow as a relief when emotions build up inside. It is like an emotional safety valve. They need to be shed to wash the soul of bitter poisons that can build up in the heart-soul because of hurt, sorrow and pain. They need to be shed to release deep emotions and feelings that would otherwise become to much to bear..
Jesus understood tears and He too, cried tears and was also moved by the tears of others, their tears moved Jesus to heal the sick, the broken hearted and even raise the dead..

Fr. McAlear has traveled the world and in his travels he has discovered something called a tear cup, or flask. Tear cup artifacts have been found from ancient times in archeological sites in Greek, Egyptian and Arabic cultures including the Holy Lands. The ancients stored up their tears of life in a small bottle, called a tear cup. Archeologists have dug up the reality of a practice that goes back many, many centuries, even before the times of Christ, of storing ones tears in a tear cup. And this region of the world still does this, using tear cups to store ones tears.

Fr. McAlear said; "you know how we take flowers to our loved ones grave? In this region of the world, they take their tears, in a tear cup to their loved one's grave, the tears they have shed for their loved one. You will see theses tiny little bottles of tears, all over this region of the world, on loved ones graves."

Fr McAlear told us to Google what scientist have discovered about tears.. Every tear we shed has a "chemical" make up and its chemical make-up is different from every "life event" in which we shed tears. The tears of sorrow, a birth, a wedding, stress, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the remorse of sin and mistakes, and the list goes on, and of each life event, they are different in their chemical make up.. For example when we shed tears for the loss of a loved one, its chemical make up, it's components are nothing like the tears we shed in the rejoicing, of the birth of a grandchild..
Wow! How detailed our God is, in creating us, even our tears, much like our fingerprints, we are unique and our fingerprint from the beginning of creation, match no other person. We are that detailed in our creation from above. Our tears so detailed that flows from the most delicate part of our soul, the heart; speaks a language from its chemical make up. Just like “words”  that flow from our mouth to communicate our life events to God, our tears speak to God, as words speak to Him.. Every word uttered out of our mouth tells the story. Every tear, like every word, so different in its understanding and make-up tells our story. When one cries, "words" really do not need to be used to communicate, even to others.. We understand through their tears, their life events; may it be joy or sadness, we really do not need words, and the tears tell the story of what they are experiencing in this moment of tears. Words do not need to be spoken...when we shed tears, our inter most part of our soul speaks a language, even its chemistry as it flows out from our heart to our Creator..

Luke 7: 36-38. The Pardon of the Sinful Woman

A Pharisee invited him to dine with him, and he entered the Pharisee’s house and reclined at table.* Now there was a sinful woman in the city who learned that he was at table in the house of the Pharisee. Bringing an alabaster flask of ointment, she stood behind him at his feet weeping and began to bathe his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them, and anointed them with the ointment.

Fr McAlear explained Luke 7:36-38, the scene of the sinful women, a public sinner who anoints Jesus head with oil, kisses His feet, and weeps as she washes His feet with her tears..
There are many things happening here at the same time.. Kissing, anointing with oil, weeping, and the washing of feet..
They are expressions of LOVE, REPENTANCE, and of ADORATION .. In the Middle Eastern Churches, the very people who would have living experience of tear cups; see clearly something that is missing in the churches of the west.
The women does two things- she "weeps" and "washes" His feet with her tears. To most of us in the west, as the scene is envisioned, the women is weeping and using those tears to wash Jesus' feet.
For the churches of the East however, they see that two verbs and two separate but related actions happening in this scene. They would see the women weeping, and as she weeps, she is also taking her tear cups and pouring their content onto the feet of Jesus.
Her present tears mingled with tears of her past life.. They are all poured out and used to wash His feet. The tears that she weeps as she ministers are her present feelings of love, gratitude, repentance and relief. Besides the present feelings of her heart, their is also her Life Long Pain and Sorrow, her Hurts, her Tragedies, her Heartbreak and Heartaches.. There is a WHOLE LIFE of TEARS being brought to Jesus. He received her and with her, the WHOLE SORROWFUL STORY of HER LIFE.

There is great symbolism in what she does that should not be missed..

Wow! I can picture in my mind all the tears of my life, and how my tears are truly my life story...oh, how many tear cups I could have filled up...the joys, the losses, the victories, the sorrows, the things I can not change, the things I can not rewind..... If I had collected ever tear I have cried in life in one big tear cup, I know my Jesus would know every chemical components, my life story reveals.. How blessed the lady with sin and pain and life sorrows and a past got to wash Jesus' feet with her story of tears from her tear cup.

 As I continue to read this book called "TEARS" written by Fr. McAlear and ponder what he shared this weekend, I'm discovering "tears" are not a bad thing.. Tears heal, tears renew our souls and when we take our tears of our entire life or just a single moment of a life event, to the feet of Jesus... and give them to Him...not only are we forgiven, we are healed... and so much more.. I really recommend you click on the following website of Fr. McAlear and learn more about tears, forgiveness, the power of healing through prayer.. Who would of ever thought how spiritual our tears can be, if we look at them in a different light and how God created “TEARS”.. for me and you.. To take our tears to Jesus' feet and wash them with our life story or just a single life moment.. We should never stop our tears from flowing.. Amen