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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Why a Blog? I've learned in life you will not become the person God wants you to become unless you comfront your past and learn from its history, then let the Lord use it for His glory.

 I joined facebook the other day for many reasons. Wanting to keep up with friends far away, find old friends and "family and friends" that are in my life daily.. well, hopefully facebook will connect us more often during our weekly routines in which life takes us daily. This journey of finally signing up to facebook also prompted me to start a blog. Hoping to share my faith journey as I continue to grow and learn about my Lord every day. Facebook has its limits when we want to share our most intimate details in life and hopefully this blog will create a space to share my Jesus with you.
 I started out my Christian journey as an infant when my parents baptized me in the Methodist Church. This was only the beginning and it continues to grow each day. My journey has been much like a tree, beginning as a seedling. The seed needed lots of love and water along the way and times of growth were stunted during many spells of droughts in my life. I hope to share many things here in the blog spot. I will love to hear your thought and inputs in this journey of faith. Keep in mind I am still growing and have so much to learn. My Christian journey took me into the Catholic Church three years ago and the Graces are special in my life. I will start with posting some things I have written the past few years... hope this will catch you up and I will continue to add to this Blog when I feel the inspiration bug calling my name.  In Him, Julie

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